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Plus Size Costume Shop carries a full line of professionally hand-made Halloween costumes, Renaissance garb, Christmas costumes and historical clothing in sizes 0X (14/16W), 1X (18/20W), 2X (22/24W), 3X (26/28W), 4X (30/32W), 5X (34/36W), 6X (38/40W), 7X (42/44W), and 8X (46/48W).

Spider Tulle Witch Plus Size and Super Size Halloween Costume

Most items are available in your choice of colors. We keep most colors in stock, so there is no need to e-mail about availability. Popular color choices are shown below. You are not limited to these colors though.

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handmade plus size spider net tulle witch halloween costume renaissance gown dress orange and black hat veil tulle skirt bodice corset glitter spiders

**Most items are shown with a hoop skirt/petticoat beneath the skirts. This item is not included with any purchase.**

Spider Tulle Witch Costume

This gorgeous witch costume is so much fun to wear and just absolutely spectacular. It includes:

  • Black twill bodice
  • Black cotton peasant shirt (short, long or gothic sleeves)
  • Black cotton skirt
  • Orange and black tulle overskirt
  • Black witch hat with tulle/lace/spider decorations

The bodice is made of black heavyweight twill and is fully lined and boned at the lacings. It laces up through professional-strength grommets with an orange and black organza ribbon.

The peasant shirt is made of black cotton and has elastic in the sleeves and neckline (gothic sleeves do not have sleeve elastic). The shirt length is approximately 32” or hip-length. You can choose short sleeves (default), long sleeves or gothic sleeves.

The underskirt is made of black cotton and has an elastic waist. The skirt will come hemmed at 28" (approximately mid-calf on someone of average height) unless a shorter length is requested.

The overskirt is made of strips of orange and black tulle with a center piece of black sparkle web tulle. The overskirt has a drawstring and ties around the waist. There are three glittery spiders (attached with clips) crawling up the skirt. The overskirt will come hemmed at 40” (long - will usually work for up to 5'10" tall) unless a specific shorter length is requested. In the picture, the skirt is hemmed to 28" in the front and 40" in the back.

handmade plus size spider tulle witch halloween costume renaissance gown dress hat orange and black glitter spiders

Also included is a black witch hat decorated with a black sparkle web tulle veil, orange tulle with black lace and a large black glitter spider.

  • 0X-5X: $400
  • 6X-8X - $425

Plus Size Costume Shop is closed for the remainder of 2020!